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The Best Website Designs Have These Five Things

June 25, 2015 - Thoughts, Tips, Website Design - , , ,

The best website designs have these 5 things going for them:

We all know that there are actually several things a great website design should have. Here, we discuss some of the most important.

They are Mobile Friendly

Thanks to recent studies we now know that in large part, emailing, social networking, and web browsing is being done on smart phones and tablets.So, if you intend for your website to survive amongst the ever-increasing clutter, then it too had better be mobile device friendly.

A mobile device friendly site does not just mean that the website will open on a mobile device.

A truly mobile-friendly website will not only reorient and resize itself when opened on a smaller screen, but the text and images should automatically resize for optimal viewing.

Also, the menu should become a scroll down or something similar for quick and easy navigation.

Mobile Friendly Website

Mobile friendly website with easy scroll-down menu and resized photo slider.

Mobile Friendly Web page

Mobile friendly website with resized text and images.

Take the website mobile-friendly test.


Produce Quality Content

In order to keep a visitor interested, and of course, to remain high in those search rankings, your site should be full of great content.

Great content tells your visitor all they need to know without asking for too much of their time. You should answer any questions they may have about your service or product, without them having to ask, or search for the answer, but remember that  any page, article, or post, should contain at least 300 words.

Keep It Clean and Simple

This one is pretty self explanatory. Every good website design should have a balanced amount of good quality content and complementing images.

To avoid overwhelming your visitors, avoid using too much text, as discussed in the Create Quality Content section. At the same time, a large cluster of images within a small space can be overwhelming. A good balance of both is key.

Make sure spacing between images and text is even and well spread out. Be sure to use a font that is easily read, and make the text size large enough to be read by all.

Have Good Images

Along with good content, should come good images.

As increasing importance is placed on screens via memes, infographics, viral videos, etc., the value placed on visual stimulation is ever-increasing. Images help to break up the monotony by using good graphics, or images as a complement, or even as a way to illustrate the message you are trying to convey.

Use professional-grade photos, or buy them from an inexpensive stock photography site like iStock. The last thing you want to do is scare a potential customer away from your great product or service with poor, outdated, images.

Have a Clear Call to Action

Put simply: If you are selling a product or service on your website, make sure that it doesn’t require searching to find out where or how to make the purchase.

Buttons, or links, to payment pages or inquiry forms are good ways to avoid losing an interested customer.

Call to Action | Website Design, Orange County, CA

Vimeo uses a button to create a clear call to action. The button links directly to the payment page.


If your website is missing these things, don’t panic, it may just be time for a revamp. We can help!

See the infographic below to see where visitors’ eyes go when viewing a website.


Website Design Musts Infographic | Website Design, Orange County CA