Public Relations


What Is Public Relations?


What is public relations (PR), exactly? In a nutshell, PR is the process of managing the relationship between an organization (you) and the public (your customers).

A good PR campaign should be a part of any good content marketing strategy. Public relations is the process of gauging and shaping public opinion about your brand. It is the job of a PR company, or PR consultant, to monitor public opinion of your organization while making sure your public persona/reputation remains positive in the minds of the consumers.

What Does Public Relations Entail?


A public relations campaign can include frequently releasing press releases with information about the company, whether it be a new product, a new team member, or any other compelling news.

It can also include being the liaison between your organization and the media, to generate interest in a grand opening or other such events. Most importantly, public relations can involve attracting media attention or gaining media placement. To do this, a PR consultant will pitch a compelling story to a journalist or publication in order to garner interest in featuring a story about you or your company in their publication, blog, newspaper, etc. Nothing legitimizes a business more than being mentioned, cited, or quoted in a legitimate or authoritative publication, or online media.

As technology and social avenues continue to widen, the consumer, as well as the brand, becomes more accessible. With the array of social media options it has become possible for a brand to permeate multiple spaces and has opened up the conversation space. This relatively new type of communication has advanced the way the public receives information about the companies it frequents, causing a paradigm shift away from the dominant idea of one way communication of the past, found with advertising.

While advertising, is still an important, and effective, component of any overall marketing strategy, research continually show that giving the consumer a voice has impressive results, as mentioned in our article about content marketing.

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