Product Brochure Booklet

Booklet Product Brochure for Safety Systems Technology
Product Brochure Booklet | Website Design, Orange County, CA


  • Client Safety Systems Technology
  • Date 9/30/2013
  • Categories Branding, Design, Graphic Design
In the midst of our SST rebrand we were asked to create a new product brochure. All that was asked of us was that we make it really “cool” and that we give it the “wow factor.” It was an intimidating request, to say the least, but we were up for the challenge. We decided during this project and the rebrand that the colors associated with SST would be black, red, and the texture of stainless steel.
With that in mind, we reimagined the typical brochure and turned it into something edgy, cool, and modern. We immediately decided to remove white space, and instead used dark semi-opaque industrial images to fill the background. We used a sharp font, instead of going with a more commonplace serif. We also used a deep red, which stood out sharply against the dark backgrounds on each page. Then, in order to add that extra element of “cool,” we placed QR codes linking to the product page of the SST website.
SST was as happy with the final product as we were.