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Riccardo and Yulia Dance - Print Ad
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  • Client Riccardo and Yulia Dance [RY Dance]
  • Date 05/19/2014
  • Categories Advertisement, Graphic Design, Print


This was a very challenging project, which, of course, made it all the more fun.
These two beautiful world latin champion ballroom dancers, Riccardo and Yulia, were on their way to one of the biggest competitions of the competitive season in Blackpool, UK. They wanted to convey an air of power and movement. Fittingly, they arranged to have a photo shoot taken in a falling water setting. The movement wasn’t a problem. The still images, perfectly captured their every move, intention, and emotion. The only problem for us was that each of them were photographed alone. Riccardo and Yulia needed a moving advertisement for the competition program, and they needed it to appear as if they were together.
Enter photoshop, and a lot of man hours! In order to further evoke the feelings of strength and movement, we, the designers, decided it would give the image that much more life if we added the illusion of their moving bodies with images of other positions.
The final product was this two-page print ad capturing a single perfect movement performed by the two world champion dancers.